Step 2: Set-Up

The entire WordPress setup and migration (if you have an existing site) are all handled by us. This is how we made our platform super easy. All you focus on is WordPress.


Once you have signed up for a plan you will receive an email asking you to create an account and to add your first site. If you can not find your email please contact us so we can provide it to you.

Support Ticket

Once your order has been reviewed one of our WP members will open a support ticket for you. We will ask you for some important information to find out if you have an existing site or if you would like a new site setup.


Once we have the info we need we get to work and get your WordPress site up and running. We will share a temporary URL with you so you can see your site before it goes live. After we have finished with the setup you will be given four (4) nameservers that you will add to your domain.


The nameservers basically tell the internet where your site lives. This process takes some time so please plan for downtime while this completes. We have no control over this process and we can't do anything to speed it up.