Step 1: Order
We have tried very hard to make our platform as easy as possible for everyone. This guide will give you a general idea of what to expect when choosing us for your hosting.

Disclaimer ⚠

Before we begin we think it's good to list who our hosting is for and who our hosting isn't for.
    Our hosting is for someone who wants to solely focus on WordPress.
    Our hosting isn't for someone who needs any type of control panel access.

Getting Started πŸ‘‹

Now the first step would be to place an order by choosing the hosting plan that best suits your needs. You can easily upgrade or downgrade as needed.
After your order has been submitted it will be sent to our team, you will receive an email about your trial. We rarely send out any emails so we are very proud of that. We like to take a minimalistic approach to things.
The next step in this process is in our hands. Once we have reviewed your order one of our WP members will create a support ticket where we can get some information from you to start creating your hosting account.
Last modified 8mo ago